Greatest Poker Hands

If you ever come across knowing about the greatest hands in poker in right rank then it is easier for you to play the card game. Due to game format variation and localization of different games into an adaptive format, people make changes to the hands valuation. However the hands weight remains same. Even if something gets changed, as a player participating in the game you will be stay informed. Still, confusions rises. Here are we are explain the most confusing sayings regarding the greatest poker hands.

First thing is, whether a flush can be toppled with a straight beat. The answer is no. straights concentrates on the number of each card and ignores their suit details while in flush we consider the same suit-ness of five cards of even greater weight. Thus straights cannot suit a flush but if it is a straight flush like all card numbers are in proper sequence and all cards are from same suit, then the straight flush can beat a flush and a straight. Say 3 of you are playing and 1 is having a flush, another is with a straight and the last player with a straight flush – in this case the player with straight flush will beat others.

The second biggest misconception is three cards are lower than a two-pair. Three pair is always higher and two pairs can only beat a pair. There is nothing illogical in it. If both hands have two pairs for each, then check the card number for each pair – the hand with higher number in the pairs wins.

 In some places red suits are given more weight than black suits. This is total flaw to the rules. Suits colors do not have any impact in poker – it is perceived based on players cultural preference on colors. So, what will happen when all four players in a game will have a flush from each suit? You do not take that forward, you restart the hand.

 The flush cards have some more misconception like if two players have flush cards which one will win? Ideally, the player with even higher number of card in his flush will win. Higher card has very high importance in the poker game, not the suit color.

One question you may ask, that is, when players decide to share the prize pot? The prize pot sharing happens when both players have same hand. This is kind of settlement with the situation. Both players having the same card happens very rarely. Knowing more about the misconceptions of greatest poker hands makes you a better player. So, know more about them.